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It all started when vineyard founder Chuck McCollough became interested in some land that was for sale near Tehachapi.  A geologist, Chuck recognized the characteristics of the terrain and soil as stemming from the Triassic Geologic Period.   He realized that it would be terrific for growing wine grapes.  Combined with Tehachapi's perfect climate for just this purpose, Chuck knew he had the ideal match, bought the land and...  Triassic Legacy was born.

The vineyard is located west of Tehachapi, California, on a sunny slope below an isolated ridge of 220-million year-old rocks from the Triassic Period. This richView of the Triassic rocks, rocky, and very unique soil rewards us with wine grapes of exceptional quality and very unique char- acter.

During the Triassic Period, a large shallow seaway covered parts of California.  Over time, these areas accumulated some 4000 feet of sediment!  Later, the sediment was buried under new material and then forced up by boiling granite magma to form our mountains.  These Triassic rocks then became hardened from exposure to extreme heat and pressure.  Most have been removed by erosion, but the barren ridges north and east of the vinyard remain as survivors.

Our soil comes from these rocks, and our signature Triassic Rocks wine pays special tribute to the Legacy of the Triassic.

On Saturday, April 5, 2008, more than 100 volunteers donated their time to help the owners of Triassic Legacy plant 7.1 acres of vines. Together, they planted 3.1 acres of Zinfandel, 2.9 acres of Viognier and 1.1 acres of Syrah.  More than 6300 vines were planted that day!

The remaining acres on the vineyard are planned to be planted soon.  Triassic will have 11 acres of productive vineyard, with a total of 908 vines per acre, or 9988 vines.

Our mouse lizard

Did you know that our mascot is Mussaurus ("moose-sawr-us") Patagonicus, which lived during the Triassic Period?  Scientists estimate that adults would have been about ten feet long, weighing 250 pounds.  But only hatchlings have been found, and so it has become known as the "mouse lizard."  We think she's adorable!

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Community Planting Event

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