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The Triassic Legacy vineyard is easy to find.  We're located near the intersection of State Highway 202 and Cummings Valley Road, on the way to Bear Valley Springs and the Cummings Valley.

From California 58, take exit 148 (the exit sign also says "202") and proceed about 1.3 miles to Valley Blvd. (this is State Highway 202) and turn right.  Follow Valley Blvd/202 about 6.8 miles to a four-way stop.  As you approach the stop signs, you'll see the vineyard on your right and the stop signs ahead.  Don't turn into any dirt roads as you approach the intersection.

On the road to Triassic.Turn right at the stop/yield sign and proceed 1/4 mile to Bear Valley Road, another 4-way stop.  Turn right at Bear Valley Road and head up the hill for 1/2 mile.  Look for our sign on the right and turn right at Roost Ave.  From this point on, the roads will be smooth dirt to the tasting room.  Please drive slowly!  Higher speeds make dust and can create washboarding.  Follow Roost Ave. to its end and turn right onto Log Home Way.  Log Home Way will take you right to the Triassic Legacy gate.  There will be a few "Wine Tasting" signs on this path to guide you along the way.  If you have questions, please call us at (661) 822-5341.

For a printable page with this map, a close up and these directions, CLICK HERE.

Please note that the Google and Yahoo map databases have not been updated to reflect the new roads and the exact location of the winery.  While they will get you to the general vicinity, they're not accurate!

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