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Visit Tehachapi's local attractions, after you come to Triassic.

Isn't the wine business really about friends and the simple, good things in life?  We sure think so.

No business succeeds just because it's there.  People matter, and we'd like to thank the folks who believe in us.  Without the support of the community, our volunteers and our customers, we simply couldn't do this.  We take that to heart and won't forget.  Thank you.

There's always something to do around here, and we could use your help!  If you'd like to become a volunteer (or just want to learn more about becoming one) and help out, please let us know at


Souza Family Winery - Our sister winery here in Tehachapi
The Wine and Cheese Cellar  - Wine bar with a large selection
The Sprited Bead and Klew's Gallery - Jewelry, beads, & gifts
Horsethief Country Club - Great golf, at Stallion Springs
Indian Point Ostrich Ranch - Interesting, atomic-sized chickens
Field of Dreams Alpacas - Furry & very cute natural lawnmowers
Kohnen's Country Bakery - Fresh bread, bakery, cafe and grocery
Taste of Tehachapi - Guide to great local restaurants
Adorable Alpacas - More of these cute and perky critters
Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce - Information, local events
Moessner Farms - Butters, jams, jellies, marmalades and more
RB Family Orchard - Apples, cherries, cider, syrup and jams
Tehachapi Ag and Arts - Guide to local growers and ranchers
Wind Turbines - Take a self-guided tour of these amazing machines
Glider Rides - Soar high above Tehachapi, with the hawks
Tehachapi Loop - One of the engineering marvels of the world

Come and visit the tasting room for more ideas and to pick up your free Visitor's Guide to Tehachapi.

There are all sorts of things to do and see here in Tehachapi.  After visiting us, be sure to see some of our friends and the local attractions in the area.  See something interesting?  For more information on any item below, just click on it and a new window will open.

Friends, Volunteers and Local Attractions

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